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For all paper-based correspondence courses, no computers, internet connections, or technology are required to complete the courses. However, students should plan on providing writing utensils (pen or pencil), scrap paper, and a calculator if required.

Web-based courses are not currently provided by Skillworks. However, when they are made available, students will need an internet connection and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Apple Safari 4, Google Chrome 10, or any other Web browser that is fully compatible with these browsers. Access will be available via username and password issued at purchase and can be used from any computer (Mac or PC). High speed internet is preferred and will enhance the learning experience. Dial-up speeds will work but will provide significantly slower responses.




Student Reviews

“Content and printed material were both presented very well. I would take another course in the future. Please keep me on the mailing list.”
- Danny

“Course was very concise. Done well.” - Michael

“I have taken other courses from you in the past and have been more than happy and I will continue to take other courses from you as well.” - Wayne